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Industry-leading electronic warfare (EW), undersea warfare (USW), space operations, maritime operations, cyber and uncrewed aerial systems (UAS) training across multiple domains

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School of Information Operations

School of Information Operations (SOIO) has been supporting Defence Capability through training since 2019 and conducts over 30 courses per year to introduce systems and operational concepts for the underlying foundational understanding of Australian Government Sovereign Industrial Capability Priorities.

SOIO continues to expand the number and relevance of each course's objectives to meet the growing requirement for defence related training in all operational domains of interest to the Australian Defence Force (ADF), Defence Industry and academia.

Industry-leading short courses

School of Information Operations offers a wide range of different defence training courses and electronic warfare training. With a variety of skill sets available, SOIO tutors have the knowledge and operational experience necessary to give the next generation of electronic warfare experts the edge.

From Electronic Warfare Fundamentals to Cybersecurity, SOIO’s experienced tutors teach you the theory and practice behind everything you need to know about electronic warfare systems.

Explore the range of SOIO’s defence training courses below and get ready to take the next step in your electronic warfare career.

Course code: SC 001

Electronic Warfare Short Course

This course provides students with the basic principles of Electronic Warfare (EW) in all domains.

Course code: SC 002

Introduction to Undersea Warfare

This course provides students with the basic principles of Undersea Warfare and introduces basic submarine detection theory and technologies including sonar (active and passive) and Electro Optics.

Course code: SC 003

Introduction to Defence Space Operations

This course provides students a holistic overview of Defence Space Operations including SATCOM, space-based ISR, Space Domain Awareness (SDA) and more.

Course code: SC 004

Introduction to Maritime Operations

This course provides students with the basic principles of Maritime Operations and introduces core roles such as Sea Control, Power Projection and Maritime Security.

Course code: SC 005

Introduction to Cyber Security Frameworks and Governance

This course provides students with the cyber security principles associated with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Course code: SC 006

Introduction to Military Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS)

This course provides students with a foundation understanding of Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS) within the military context, including UAS doctrine, regulation, classification and capabilities.

Why choose SOIO?

School of Information Operations has a proud history of success. The entire SOIO team prides itself on helping engineers, scientists and warfare specialists to deliver the best operational outcomes for the ADF through training and education. Here are some statistics to highlight our experience and achievements:


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