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SOIO Short Courses

The School of Information Operations (SOIO) has been training the next generation of Australian Warfare professionals since 2019. With over 30 courses offered every year, SOIO has helped to introduce systems and operations concepts for the underlying foundational understanding of Australian Government Sovereign Industrial Capability Priorities.

With courses covering multiple warfare disciplines, SOIO is leading the industry by offering defence related training delivered by experienced instructors who have decades of experience in the field. With SOIO, you get first-hand, practical operational experience in addition to theory and systems knowledge.

SOIO continues to expand the number and relevance of each course's objectives to meet the growing requirement for defence-related training in all operational domains of interest to the Australian Defence Organisation, defence industry and academia.

SC004 Introduction to Maritime Operations - Above Surface Warfare (ASuW)

SOIO Defence Short Courses

SOIO's short courses provide students with a fundamental overview of Information Operations: Electronic Warfare, Undersea Warfare, Defence Space Operations, Maritime Operations, Cyber Governance and Military Uncrewed Aerial Systems.

SOIO offers both classified and unclassified courses.

Our unclassified courses are available to participants with an Australian / New Zealand Citizenship or who hold an active AGSVA NV1 (or higher) security clearance.

Our classified courses are suitable for Australian / New Zealand Government personnel with an active AGSVA NV1 (or higher) security clearance and an established need-to-know. Those who work in the wider Defence industry wishing to attend must have an Australian / New Zealand Government sponsor (minimum APS6/O4) who can provide a recommendation of attendance and confirmation of the need-to-know.

If you do not hold Australian or New Zealand citizenship, please contact us.


Government Grants

Businesses servicing the defence sector can apply for a grant of between $5,000 and $500,000 through the Skilling Australia's Defence Industry (SADI) grants program. These grants enable businesses to obtain training and upskilling assistance, allowing them to expand their capacity and capability to meet current or future Defence needs. Eligible activities may include SOIO courses.

The SADI grant program closed on 31 March 2024. This grant program is being revised and will open as a new stream within the Defence Industry Development Grant program in mid-2024. Contact us to find out how we can help support your upcoming application.
SC 005 Introduction to Cyber Security Frameworks and Governance

Course code: SC001

Introduction to Electronic Warfare

This course provides students with the basic principles of Electronic Warfare (EW) in all domains.

Course code: SC002

Introduction to Undersea Warfare

This course provides students with the basic principles of Undersea Warfare and introduces basic submarine detection theory and technologies including sonar (active and passive) and Electro Optics.

Course code: SC003

Introduction to Defence Space Operations

This course provides students a holistic overview of Defence Space Operations including SATCOM, space-based ISR, Space Domain Awareness (SDA) and more.

Course code: SC004

Introduction to Maritime Operations

This course provides students with the basic principles of Maritime Operations and introduces core roles such as Sea Control, Power Projection and Maritime Security.

Course code: SC005

Introduction to Cyber Security Frameworks and Governance

This course provides students with the cyber security principles associated with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Course code: SC006

Introduction to Military Uncrewed Aerial Systems

This course provides students with a foundation understanding of Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS) within the military context, including UAS doctrine, regulation, classification and capabilities.