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Systems Approach to Defence Learning (SADL)

SOIO employs the Australian Defence Force's Systems Approach to Defence Learning (SADL) to support training.  

 The principles that support SADL are: 

  • Learning and Development (L&D) activities contribute towards Defence capability by preparing the work force for the roles, duties and tasks assigned and anticipated. 
  • Defence L&D activities use common terminology, processes, and methods, wherever appropriate. 
  • Defence uses a SADL that ensures solutions:
    • are directly related to improving the skills, knowledge required for Defence capability,
    • offer value for money,
    • adhere to relevant legislation, policy and guidelines,
    • use learner-centred approaches for design and delivery, and 
    • are underpinned by continuous improvement. 

SADL can be represented as a five-phase cyclical process model and the phases are: 

  • Analyse—job performance and capability requirements are analysed and outlined in a Training Requirements Specification (TRS) document. 
  • Design—the TRS document is used to create course learning outcomes, an assessment strategy and resource requirements, which together form a draft Learning Management Package (LMP). 
  • Develop—the learning materials, equipment and resources identified in the LMP are prepared and trialled, and the LMP is finalised. 
  • Implement—training is delivered in a Defence workplace or training establishment. A learning review conducted at the course conclusion confirms if the course meets requirements or if there are issues to be resolved. 
  • Evaluate—training is reviewed to ensure it is fit for purpose, addresses performance requirements and supports Defence in achieving its mission. 


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