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Introduction to Undersea Warfare (USW) - SC002


Course duration: 3 Days

This course provides students with the basic principles of Undersea Warfare (USW). The course introduces basic submarine detection theory and technologies including sonar (active and passive), Electro Optics, Magnetic Anomaly Detection (MAD) principles and associated operational concepts. Practical scenarios and workshops are utilised to support operational USW concepts.

Intended Audience

This course is suitable for personnel that require a basic understanding on the principles of USW.

Course Modules

  • Basic submarine design and operation
  • Submarine propulsion systems (Nuclear, Diesel and Air Independent Propulsion (AIP)
  • Introduction to oceanography
  • Undersea warfare sensors
  • Evolving Uncrewed undersea capabilities
  • Introduction to USW planning, tasking and operations
  • Scenario based workshop

Course price:
AU$3,542.00 inc GST

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"Both Kevin and James were excellent in their delivery of complex information and putting it into easy-to-understand terms, and constantly engaging with all students ensured everyone was attentive, interested and included. Both instructors were very approachable, and their depth of knowledge and experience is truly amazing. I highly recommend this course and the instructors." Sam
"The SOIO course was a great way for me to get exposure to important defence concepts from experienced and helpful instructors. I enjoyed the course very much and will look for opportunities to attend some of their other courses in future." Damien
"I would definitely 100% recommend the course to my colleagues. Extremely efficient and engaging."
"Overall, the course was amazing and I definitely took away large amounts of knowledge that will allow me to thrive on my project."

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